BB has participated in a number of research and development projects and consultancy projects. The major ones are listed in the tables below.

Research and development

Project acronymClientTime periodDescription
MERMAIDFP72011-2015Innovative Multi-purpose offshore platforms: planning, design & operation
MEECEFP72008-2012Uses predictive models to explore the impacts of both climate drivers such as acidification and temperature, and human induced drivers like fishing, invasive species and pollution on marine ecosystems.
ECOOPFP62007-2010European Coastal-shelf sea Operational observing and forecasting system
FP52002-2006Managing benthic ecosystems in relation to physical forcing and environmental constraints
OCEANIDESFP52002-2005Harmonised monitoring, reporting and assessment of illegal marine oil discharges


ProjectClientTime periodDescription 
Marine SO2 depositionJRC-IES2015Impact of marine SO2 deposition
Kriegers Flak2013-2014EIA wind farm - consortium lead by NIRAS
Fehmern BeltFemern Belt2008-2012EIA study - impact on marine environment
More will be added