New features

Business model

From the very beginning the code we have written has been made available to the public as Free Software. We have been using the GPL license for all our software. Over the last years it has been increasingly difficult to obtain sufficient funding to carry out our contribution the further development of the various software projects we are involved in – most notable GETM and GOTM. As a consequence we will try out a ‘crowd funding’ approach where we will try to obtain the funding of our contributions through financial contribution from the users of the software. The idea is that we develop a new feature (either on our own initiative or through the request from others) and – when – in a state where it is ready for beta-release we announce the software on this site together with an amount to cover our development expenses. In case sufficient funds can be raised the new feature will be released to the public via the public git repository.

New features/extensions
Hotstart facility in GOTM 10.000,- Euro Р0% collected
assimilation Advanced data assimilation capabilities in GOTM.